At St. Lazarus & company, we believe that satisfaction is a client’s feeling of pleasure that results from comparing a service’s perceived performance (or outcome) to expectations. We are here to render services that will clearly exceed your expectations and make you highly delighted. It is believed that when a client is happy based on our service delivery, there is willingness to recommend us to his friends, businesses and partners.

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Strategy: We have effective and efficient strategies that transcend the entire market spectrum. These strategies have been proven to create organic growth for our clients.

Global expansion At St. Lazarus & Co., our professional team members have exceptional skill set to make you a global leading company with global competitive brand name. We adopt frameworks like PEEL, CAGE, Porter’s Five Forces, and other relevant analytical tools to engineer a successful global expansion for our clients. In addition, our knowledge of the local laws, cultures, and consumer preferences are our competitive advantage.

Brand Management: Our innovative data mining and business intelligence are adopted with pragmatic foresight to manage our client’s brand against the competition.

Research: A proper understanding of what drives the choices of consumers is important to our business. A clear knowledge of the local preferences enables any company to package their products and services to fit local preferences. Our role is to find out the needs and wants of these consumers through our result-oriented research because they are the reason why business exist.

Content Marketing: Content is the present and the future of marketing, period! Let our experts design and create your relevant and valuable content with the resolve to enhance consumer behaviour towards your products or services. Contact us to help you design and implement a marketing content that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

Training: If you are considering relocating your employees to a country like Nigeria with substantial cultural differences from the United States of America, consider hiring us to provide cultural and language training for your expatriates and their family members before embarking on the relocation to avoid eminent cultural and language issues from the beginning of the assignment. Again, State and local statutes and possible regulations may pose potential requirements on expatriates. We are available to provide tailor-made training programs that will give your expatriates a hitch-free relocation.


Trade Coordination:

Our team of experts will; coordinate your inquiry and supplier quote to facilitate international trade

  • Collect data and analyse market research report.
  • Follow up on trade leads and manage the business development.
  • Regularly interface with customs broker, freight forwarder for effective communication of import instruction.
  • Review and interpret export/import regulations for Customs and all other regulatory agencies and their compliance requirements
  • Provide logistics and sales support to customers.
  • Coordinate sales presentation and trade show planning.

Export/Import: Exporting can open up new opportunities, fuel growth and dramatically boost your takings and profits. Selling your goods and services abroad can massively increase your customer base and your profits. But successful exporting relies on understanding where good sales opportunities lie and how best to take advantage of them. Consult us today if you are considering exporting your goods to African countries-Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and Benin Republic.

Innovative Business Processes: Both Multinational corporations [MNC’s] and companies operating locally are confronted with complex operation challenges and business processes. The current global marketplace, even though dynamic, has experienced evolving trends, fierce competition and continuous technological advancements. We will design knowledge-based techniques to reinvent your business processes. This will help you cut costs, create efficiency and foster effective business processes. Above all, your profitability will be absolutely enhanced.

Our Clients

  • Companies expanding into emerging African market
  • Governments of African Nations
  • Companies from Africa
  • Churches
  • NGOs


St. Lazarus & Company is constantly looking for individuals with the right academic background and/or experience to join our dynamic consulting teams. If you feel that you fit the bill, send an e-mail attaching your most recent Resume to: