Special Projects

Distribution Strategy: The right distribution strategy will fuel your business growth and profitability. A good distribution strategy will identify the best sales channels for your firm and tell you how to exploit them.

Supply-Chain Optimization: Our appropriate techniques handle the delivery of products to consumers at very low cost and maximize your profit margins.

Deal Execution: Before you strike the deal, let us help you do the cost-benefit analysis. Considering the volatility of the global marketplace at this time, it is important you understand value drivers and possible risks that are associated with the business before you execute the deal.

Merchandising and Planning: We can help you design and build the appropriate foundation in terms of organization and structure for your retail business. Through our localization strategies, we will open the local market insights to ensure that your product-mix is the right ones to create consumer perceived value. Our research team will design and implement multi-channel category, assortment optimization, and Stock keeping Unit (SKU) rationalization. We will lead you to make a strategic market offering with profitable products that meet the need of both local and global consumers.