About Us

St. Lazarus & Company is a privately held consulting firm that specializes in strategy and global expansion. Founded by Johnkingsley A. Obasi in 2013. The idea to launch a consulting company was first conceived in his MBA class when he was doing “AMBA660-International Business” course at University of Maryland, University College. With our global headquarters located in Silver Spring, Maryland, St Lazarus & Company plans have its African operating office in Lagos, Nigeria.

In today’s corporate world, a lot of leaders are driven by explicit factors-Big salary/benefits or status that is associated with impressive titles or being part of a prestigious firm. In contrast, our leadership team are professionals motivated by a deeply built desire to accomplish results for our clients and our firm. These talented men and women are blessed with rare skill sets that make them seek out creative challenges, desire to learn, and take incredible pride in a job well done. They are also always eager seeking to explore new approaches to their jobs.

Our operating corporate culture is different because we rely on the strength of our team rather than individual strength. Our firm is designed on a tactical capacity, which means, we have the ability to work in an evolving environment. We can be proud to say that our leadership team possesses the ability to translate “plan on the page” into enviable results.